“Never Worry About Your Luggage Again with LugBee’s Luggage Storage Solution!”

    New Delhi (India), February 7: Attention all travellers! Tired of lugging around heavy luggage while sightseeing or constantly worrying about the safety of your belongings while you’re out and about? Drop your worries with the revolutionary LugBee luggage storage service! This game-changing service transforms how you store and secure your luggage, providing travellers with the ultimate peace of mind. So pack your bags and get ready to explore – LugBee has got you covered!

    Know what LugBee is and how it originated

    Are you tired of lugging your luggage around, ruining your travel experience? Say hello to LugBee Services Private Limited, the revolutionary startup shaking up the travel world! Founded by Jitender Singh, LugBee is here to simplify your life with a simple and secure online store booking system for luggage storage.

    With Jitender at the helm as CEO, you can trust that LugBee is in good hands. He brings years of problem-solving expertise and a unique perspective to the table, not to mention his background in IT that helped bring the idea of an online network connecting luggage stores to life.

    The inspiration for LugBee struck Jitender during one of his own travels. He needed a place to temporarily store his luggage, but wasn’t keen on splurging on a hotel room. And just like that, the solution to all our luggage storage woes was born! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a stress-free travel experience with LugBee.

    Jitender has extensive technological knowledge!

    Meet Jitender Singh, the tech wizard with a commerce degree from Delhi University and a Master’s in Computer Applications. With 14 years of experience in the IT industry, Jitendra has made a name for himself, lending his tech expertise to top companies like HCL and even leading as CTO in his last venture. He’s on a mission to bring a revolutionary concept, popular in Europe, to Asia – a luggage storage solution that’s never been seen before in India. Join Jitender as he takes tech to new heights!

    No More Hassle, No More Worry – Store Your Luggage with LugBee! 

    This innovative company has done its homework, surveying the market to find that a whopping 64.4% of hoteliers are eager to join the wave. With a sleek website, a handy LugBee App and custom-made locks in hand, they’re ready to revolutionise the way you store your luggage.

    Don’t make your bulky bags drag you down, and start exploring new destinations with ease. LugBee has everything you need to start, from informative brochures to MOUs for hotel partners. They started with a bang, launching in 26 cities in 9 states across India, including Rajasthan, Delhi NCR, UP, Punjab, and more, with more than 144 hotel partners. 

    In May 2022, they released a mobile app to make your experience even smoother. 

    LugBee Launches Groundbreaking Luggage Storage Solution!

    LugBee has launched its ‘LugBee’ app on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. LugBee’s launching of the mobile app intends to facilitate and expedite online bookings for luggage space at any of LugeBee’s store locations.

    LugBee luggage stores provide a great travel experience with their smart and sophisticated app interface and the 24/7 availability of stores and security tags to keep your luggage safe.

    After addressing a previously unmet issue for travellers, the most intelligent, secure, and foolproof luggage storage solution, LugBee’s app expanded support to the safest storage options available anytime and anywhere.

    Jitender Singh Shekhawat, the founder of LugBee, said.

    “We believe every traveller needs safe luggage storage service more than ever. It’s impossible to carry luggage all around as we also require a pocket-friendly option on trips. LugBee provides a safe, accessible, and affordable storage solution that empowers users to keep their luggage safe in various convenient storage options and explore the city hands-free.”

    As mentioned by, Jitender-CEO of LugBee, “the LugBee app provides users with a much-needed economical and safe storage solution while travelling to any location for various purposes. Additionally, users have complete control over their time and travel.”

    How does LugBee works?

    Tired of lugging around heavy bags while sightseeing? Let LugBee do the heavy lifting for you! Simply download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store, and you’re on your way to hassle-free travel. 

    Booking a storage spot for your luggage is as easy as hailing a cab – the app will show you all the nearby stores to choose from. Fill in your details and luggage info, choose the time frame, make payment, and you’re set! You’ll receive an OTP for verification, and the app will guide you to the store with its navigation feature. When it’s time to pick up your bags, simply present the OTP, and you’re good to go. 

    And don’t worry about overstaying if you need to store your luggage for longer, you can easily extend the time and pay from the app. Make travel easy with LugBee!

    LugBee’s app enables hands-free travel by storing luggage as well as the stress of carrying it in its luggage store. It alleviates the burden associated with transporting bags to and from destinations by including the following features:

    – Bookings made easy with the app 

    – Luggage storage according to your time slot 

    – High-tech security seals 

    – Insurance for each bag

    These features provide a holistic travel experience for short/long trips.

    How safe and secure are LugBee services?

    Worry no more, wanderlust warriors! LugBee’s got you covered. When it comes to safety, we don’t mess around. We only partner with hotels that have passed our strict verification process. Plus, every hotel has cameras to keep an eye on your luggage and a dedicated staff to assist with the process. And when it comes time to pick up or drop off your goods, we verify everything with a secure OTP. And, to make sure your belongings stay exactly where they should, we even attach a special seal to each bag that we can trace. So, pack up and leave your safety concerns behind; LugBee’s got you!

    Where did the funding come from?

    It’s a bootstrapped startup but received a gorgeous grant from the Rajasthan government for its potential in business and innovative service in the market for travellers and the tourism industry. It was chosen from hundreds of other startups alone. Not just that, with its digital marketing, which kicked off in September, Lugbee is set to become a household name for seamless travel. Join the journey and make your travels effortless with Lugbee.

    LugBee: The Answer to Your Luggage Storage Woes!

    The LugBee services are great for anyone looking for alternative secure storage locations near tourist places, markets, railway stations, bus stands, and airports for any time you want. This smart, quick, and simple-to-use service is suitable for all types of travellers.

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