The Rise of Micro Learning: How Bite-Sized Learning is Transforming Corporate Training

    New Delhi (India) July 19 : In the fast-paced world of corporate training and development, traditional lengthy training sessions are rapidly being replaced by more efficient, engaging, and flexible learning methods. One such method gaining...


    A breath of fresh air to your interiors – Decorative Indoor Plants

    Chennai (Tamil Nadu) (India) July 19 : Indoor plants have become essential elements of modern decor, bringing a touch of nature inside our homes. Bespoke...

    Helping in Choosing the Right Shoes for Diabetic Feet

    When managing diabetes, foot care is a critical aspect that often goes overlooked. Proper footwear can make a significant difference in preventing complications, such...

    Nutritional Deficiencies and Hair Fall – The age-old link

    In India, our dietary choices significantly impact hair health. Nutritional deficiencies, particularly inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals, can weaken hair follicles,...

    Orient Tradelink Ltd. Focuses on Expanding Agarbatti and Dhoobatti Division, Scaling Spiritual Book Distribution

    New Delhi (India) July 19 : In response to growing demand within the spiritual literature market, Orient Tradelink Ltd. has announced strategic initiatives to...
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    The Winning Lawyer with a Creative Heart: Navin Krishna Giri

    New Delhi  (India) July 17 : Navin Krishna Giri is a Successful Lawyer, and he is also the Great Grandson of  Sh. V. V....

    A Star-Studded wedding: Anant and Radhika Ambani Receive Heartfelt Wishes from these famous faces.

    A Guest List to Envy New Delhi (India) July 17 : The Ambani family has long been synonymous with grandeur and elegance, and their latest...

    Indore has some amazing places to enjoy, beyond food. Try Simcha Island!

    New Delhi (India), July 16: Indore, the cleanest city in India, is known for its delectable culinary and historical monuments. However, you often have...

    Dr. Basant Goel to Receive Bharat Kirtimaan Alankaran at the International Excellence Awards Ceremony in London

    New Delhi (India), July 16: Dr. Basant Goel has been invited to be felicitated with the prestigious “Bharat Kirtimaan Alankaran” at the International Excellence...

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     Boomlex Technologies Launches at IIM Bangalore: The Ultimate Web Applications and Software AI Recommendation Engine

    Bangalore (Karnataka) , July 17:  In a remarkable event held at the prestigious IIM Bangalore Auditorium, Boomlex Technologies Private Limited proudly unveiled its innovative...

    Bartronics India Ltd: A Leading Provider of Identification and Data Capture Solutions

    New Delhi (India), July 17: Bartronics India Ltd, founded in 1990, is a company that specializes in helping businesses track and identify things efficiently....

    Coocaa Introduces New Google TV Series to Indian Market Featuring Karaoke Function and Advanced Eye Care Technology

    New Delhi (India), July 15:  Coocaa, a prominent brand under Skyworth, is proud to announce the launch of its latest Google TV series in...

    Nervfit and MyCLNQ Announce Collaboration to Expand Technology Driven Preventive Healthcare in India

    Bangalore (Karnataka) , July 2: Nervfit, a prominent player in wearable technology, and MyCLNQ Health Singapore, a leader in digital health solutions provider, are...



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