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    Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 17: Are you looking to build a successful career in India or abroad? The International Baccalaureate Diploma Certificate (IBDP) can give you a head start in any field of your choice. Esteemed universities worldwide recognise the well-rounded and rigorous curriculum of the IBDP, making its graduates highly valued by employers. But what exactly are the career opportunities that await you after completing this program? Let’s explore!

    Engineering/IIT Entrances

    Does engineering interest you? With an IBDP,   you can take up any engineering entrance exam, including the prestigious JEE. The curriculum emphasises logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which ensures that you are better prepared to excel in these exams. Every year, several IB students get accepted into renowned Indian and foreign programs like Manipal University, Oxford, and the University of Manchester. 

    Liberal Arts

    If you’re more inclined towards humanities, an IBDP presents as an excellent foundation to build on. IB students participate in the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) programme, which helps them nurture their creative skills. A lot of IB graduates enrol in liberal arts programs at universities like Jain and Delhi University since they excel in subjects like Literature, Political Science, and Economics. It’s also known that they fare well in their SATs and other entrance tests and interviews.

    Career Counselling

    If you want to guide, mentor and help positively steer the lives of future students, consider becoming a career counsellor. With more students enrolling in universities, this occupation sees a growing demand. The IB curriculum encourages inquisitive thinking and extends to different aspects of education, making its graduates ideal candidates for this profession. Many IB graduates have started mentoring and guiding students to make informed career choices.


    The IBDP allows learners to take up sciences at a high level, giving them a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. This knowledge is invaluable if you’re interested in studying medicine. IB students have a proven record of making it to prestigious universities like AIIMS, the University of Toronto, the University of Freiburg, and Heidelberg University. IB can be the fuel to the fire you have of contributing to society.    

    Professor/ Researcher
    If your mind is curious and filled with interesting questions, an IBDP can prepare you for a career as a professor or researcher. The way an IB classroom functions is different from traditional classrooms; with an emphasis on global perspectives and open-mindedness. These skills are highly valued by educators and researchers around the world such as the University of California and Plymouth Institute of Education thus, considering becoming educators or researchers in various fields can be highly rewarding. 

    In conclusion, the IBDP opens up numerous career opportunities in India and abroad. At Knowledgeum Academy, one of the top IB schools in Bengaluru, we train our IB students to become leaders in their fields of interest and create career opportunities for themselves. Enrol in our IBDP programme at Knowledgeum Academy and secure a chance at a bright future in any field of your choice! Applications are invited for the AY 23!

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